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Welcome to ISCC International School of Christian Counseling

"Helping The Hurting"

In partnership with N.C.C.A.

You can become a member of the largest educational and training association of Christian counselors in the world.
Our staff is committed to helping you fulfill the call to "Help the Hurting!" that God has placed on your life.

B.A.U. has joined with N.C.C.A. in order to offer the most comprehensive series of studies available in Christian Counseling. Through Bible-based counseling you can "Help the Hurting" and show them a better way of life.

N.C.C.A. is a fully accredited institution of higher learning. Choose the ACCREDITATION for more details.

Choose carefully the area of study from the tabs above. If you already have a degree, it may be recognized and place you in a different educational category.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us an EMAIL. We appreciate your comments and opinions.

Why not fill out an application now and start the studies that will change the course of your life and countless others!

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The N.C.C.A. is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission international (A.C.I.) as a Comprehensive Accredited Member. For information regarding N.C.C.A.'s standing, please contact A.C.I. at: telephone: 501.882.3361

The N.C.C.A. is also fully accredited by National Private Schools Association Group (NPSAG).
For information regarding N.C.C.A.'s standing, please contact NPSAG at:
telephone: 800.840.0939

Member of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida. Please contact them at:


In April 2005, Biblical Apostolic University was appointed as a CERTIFIED ACADEMIC INSTITUTION by the National Christian Counselors Association. In her letter dated April 21, 2005, Dr. Phyllis J. Arno wrote:
      "Your CAI's demonstration of professionalism and high ethical standards is applauded as you train and work with God's people to "Counsel the Hurting."
      She continued: "For this reason, the N.C.C.A. Executive Board is pleased to present your institution with the enclosed Certified Academic Institution Certificate of Approval."

Thus, Dr. Billy D. Bates and the BIBLICAL APOSTOLIC UNIVERSITY prayerfully began the exciting and unending journey of training Christian Counselors.
Through the internet, Church counsels, special meetings, and national church conferences, B.A.U. is reaching out to those who desire to "Counsel the Hurting" in all areas of the world.

The educational programs presented are unequaled in their field. When studying N.C.C.A. temperament courses you will gain the greatest degree of knowledge possible. The course authors have based these studies on over 5,000 actual cases of counseling. Join the 10,000 active students and over 4,000 active counselors in this great work.

If you feel this is the area of Christian work you desire, you need to get started now.
Order your courses and get prepared to "Counsel the Hurting" for the glory of God.


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Temperament/Bible based studies.

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