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"Helping The Hurting"

In partnership with N.C.C.A.

You can become a member of the largest educational and training association of Christian counselors in the world.
Our staff is committed to helping you fulfill the call to "Help the Hurting!" that God has placed on your life.

B.A.U. has joined with N.C.C.A. in order to offer the most comprehensive series of studies available in Christian Counseling. Through Bible-based counseling you can "Help the Hurting" and show them a better way of life.

N.C.C.A. is a fully accredited institution of higher learning. Choose the ACCREDITATION for more details.

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The N.C.C.A. is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission international (A.C.I.) as a Comprehensive Accredited Member.

For information regarding N.C.C.A.'s standing, please contact A.C.I. at: (501) 882-3361

The N.C.C.A. is also fully accredited by National Private Schools Association Group (NPSAG).

For information regarding N.C.C.A.'s standing, please contact NPSAG at: (800) 840-0939

Member of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida. Please contact them at:


In April 2005, Biblical Apostolic University was appointed as a CERTIFIED ACADEMIC INSTITUTION by the National Christian Counselors Association. In her letter dated April 21, 2005, Dr. Phyllis J. Arno wrote:
      "Your CAI's demonstration of professionalism and high ethical standards is applauded as you train and work with God's people to "Counsel the Hurting."
      She continued: "For this reason, the N.C.C.A. Executive Board is pleased to present your institution with the enclosed Certified Academic Institution Certificate of Approval."

Thus, Dr. Billy D. Bates and the BIBLICAL APOSTOLIC UNIVERSITY prayerfully began the exciting and unending journey of training Christian Counselors.
Through the internet, Church counsels, special meetings, and national church conferences, B.A.U. is reaching out to those who desire to "Counsel the Hurting" in all areas of the world.

The educational programs presented are unequaled in their field. When studying N.C.C.A. temperament courses you will gain the greatest degree of knowledge possible. The course authors have based these studies on over 5,000 actual cases of counseling. Join the 10,000 active students and over 4,000 active counselors in this great work.

If you feel this is the area of Christian work you desire, you need to get started now.
Order your courses and get prepared to "Counsel the Hurting" for the glory of God.


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A Sampling
B. A. U. AND I. S. C. C.

Dr. Norman Cuttle, Ph.D., D. D., D. MIN.
from England, received his Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from B.A.U. He enrolled with BAU School of Theology at age 81. He had spent 17 years as a lay minister with the Anglican Church and was still active at his death in 2005 at age 88. He was a friend of BAU and Dr. Billy D. Bates. His educational skills are sorely missed.

BISHOP L. P. UPTON, D. D. - Sulphur, LA Bishop Upton received a Doctor of Divinity degree at his 34th anniversary service in Sulphur, LA. Dr. Bates was the guest speaker and officiated at the presentation ceremony. Approximately four hundred people were present to witness and congratulate Bishop Upton. He was later appointed as a GENERAL BOARD MEMBER of B. A. U. and served until his passing. We all miss his ministry, wisdom, music and Biblical teaching.

H. LALRUATA – INDIA He received a Doctor of Divinity at a large gathering of ministers in India. Many outstanding ministers and dignitaries were present. Dr. Lalruata is a former President of the UPC of India Bible school and a former congressman in India.

Rev. Mike Cook received a Doctor of Theology degree from Biblical Apostolic University and has joined the staff of BAU as a grader and appointed member of the BAU Board of Directors.

Rev. Richard Bohon, M. A. - GA
Received his Master of Arts in Christian Counseling.
He is a licensed Christian counselor and founder ALPHA/OMAGO Counseling Service.

Dr. Theresa Stover received her Doctor of Christian Counseling degree from BAU.
She has now been selected to teach at a major Florida Bible university

Missionary Jason Hood received an Associate Degree in Theology from BAU.
He has now returned to the USA and is pastoring a home missions church in MO.

Rev. K. Satinvela of received a Doctor of Divinity degree from BAU.
He is a former President of the U.P.C. Bible School of India

Diana Bates received her B. A. in Christian Counseling.
Diana is an executive staff member of BAU-ISCC.

Pastor Anthony Keaton received a Bachelor, Master and now a Doctor of Theology degree from BAU.

DANA RAMSEY - NJ Dana received her Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling and is becoming a great asset to the local church.

REV. HONEYWELL – ENGLAND He received a Doctor of Divinity degree and is a visiting minister to many European nations.

PASTOR D. D. ROLLINS Received a Doctor of Theology before a special meeting of his church in Columbus, OH. Dr. Rollins is a curriculum contributor and BOARD MEMBER of BAU

REV. DENIS METHOT – R. I. Rev. Methot is a retired civil servant and received an Associate Degree in Theology.

EVANGELIST ELIZABETH GREEN - OHIO She received her Master of Arts in Christian Counseling.

KIM FORTNEY – WEST VA. Kim received a Licensed Counselor certificate. She is a church and school counselor.

Vickie McCarty, Ph. D. - ILLINOIS

Dr. Gregory Sheets, Ph. D. Christian Counseling - OHIO

Dr. Bates:
I appreciate the opportunity to comment on my experience with BAU.

As a seasoned Pastor and being over age 50, I wanted to formally further my Bible education. I considered my options and chose BAU. The flexibility of continuing to Pastor and be involved with a distance learning program was what was best for me. I appreciate that I was given credits for my former Bible College classes, pastoral experience, and organizational involvement.

Through BAU, I received my Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree, and Doctorate Degree. The materials offered by BAU was excellent. The requirements for each thesis I had to write for each degree was challenging. The cost of my courses were reasonable. The communication with BAU was timely.

I personally recommend BAU.
Dr. Anthony W. Keaton, Th. D.
Greetings, Dr. Bates:
It's nice hearing from you after such a long period of time. I'll update you on the huge change that came to our lives. My husband and I have been appointed as missionaries and are currently serving in Scotland. We have been here teaching in a Bible College since January. Next January, we will be moving to France for a 6-month language course. We are excited to be serving God in this capacity.

I would recommend these Christian Counseling courses for anyone wanting to counsel from a Biblical perspective. I love how all courses, at all levels, are tied into God's Word and takes us back to the root of all problems...sin!
C. W.
For over fifteen years I have utilized the Arno Profile System report to help over 700 people, understand who God created them to be. The APS is extremely accurate, affordable and easy for my clients to complete, which is a counselors' dream come true.
R. B., D.C.C., Ph.D
Center for Christian Counseling & Training
For me it was a great honor to be part of the educational process in Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (S.A.C.C.) and at the same time a big privilege to cooperate with qualified and dedicated individuals. Along with this privilege comes the responsibility. Today as a regular member of (S.A.C.C.), I am especially thankful that through Creation Therapy and the Arno Profile System - APS, I can successfully help my clients in the Republic of Macedonia. If something has meaning in life, if something is really worth doing that is the thing we do for others.
M.A. D. B.
Skopje - R. Macedonia
The Arno Profile System report is a very insightful tool. We have seen tremendous succcess in utilizing the APS report in marriage counseling as well as assisting those who struggle with poor self-image. Learning how God created each of us helps us understand each other from God's persepctive. Learning how to give and receive grace and mercy is a turning point in every person's walk with the Lord. Words cannot express how transformational this tool is, when we can see every person as one of God's unique creations!
C. P.
We have found Creation Therapy and the Arno Profile System report to be the most useful tool practically helping us to better understanding people and approaching them in a way that opens them up and produces lasting results. Creation Therapy and the APS transformed us, not only personally as spouses to each other, but as ministers as well!
T. and D.
As a counselor, understanding how God created each person, I can not imagine counseling with out doing an APS. It is as if it God is zeroing on that person individually. It cuts the counseling time down and the results are amazing.
B. D.
Jacksonville, FL
Greetings Dr. Bates,
It is with much disappointment I need to let you know I've decided to withdraw from BAU. I have so much enjoyed my experience learning from BAU, but I have an ongoing health situation that is making it difficult to put the needed effort into studying on a regular schedule and completing my assignments promptly.
I want to thank you deeply for the wonderful experience I've had being a BAU student! The lessons were fulfilling and the responses I've gotten from the instructors were helpful and meaningful. The classes have strengthened me spiritually and have been a source of much encouragement as well. I can't thank you enough for the ministry you have at BAU! I will wholeheartedly recommend BAU to anyone with an interest in high quality Apostolic education.
I wish you and the BAU staff all the very best of God's blessings!
M. M.


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